Dietitians are allied health professionals. We apply the art and science of human nutrition to help you understand the relationship between food and health. We support and guide you make dietary choices to attain and maintain optimum health, and to prevent and treat medical illness and disease.
Adapted from Dietitans Association of Australia

Will I benefit from seeing a dietitian?

Dietetics-NutritionThere is no one who will not benefit from a nutrition and food intervention. We assist anyone who wishes to achieve optimum health status, providing strategies and motivation to address health and lifestyle concerns.

That being said, common areas we treat include:

  • Diabetes (type 1, 2, and gestational)
  • Heat disease
  • Dyslipidemia e.g. high cholesterol
  • Weight management
  • Bowel concerns
  • Special diets e.g. vegetarian, vegan
  • Sports nutrition for optimum performance
  • General lifestyle and healthy eating advice

What is it like seeing a dietitian?

Let us take you through an initial consultation with a dietitian:

1. We get to know you:

  • Previous and current medical conditions and family history of any diseases or allergies.
  • Current lifestyle, including home/family situation; cooking and shopping ability, capability and access; work and other life commitments; and exercise levels.
  • Food intake assessment, including everyday meal patterns, food choices, cooking methods used, eating habits and variations in food intake.


2. We plan goals together:

  • What is YOUR goal? What do YOU want to achieve from us? Whether it is weight management, symptom relief or management of blood glucose levels, we understand that everyone has different goals and priorities.
  • We set achievable goals, both small and big, short-term and long-term, that will suit you and your lifestyle.


3. We provide you with a personalized solution plan:

  • Get to know specific nutrients and foods that are important for your condition
  • Learn how to read food labels, healthy food budget and cooking tips
  • Meal plans based on your food likes and dislikes that meet your budget, cooking skills, flexibility and lifestyle commitments
  • Practical and interesting learning experience including mindful eating, meal planning and self-monitoring.

We always work with you in the team

We discuss various topics upon review sessions and adjust the plan accordingly. We also work closely with your doctors to ensure you are getting the best health care.

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