Myriam Celis

Acupuncturist/Shiatsu Massage Therapist

Myriam Celis

She is very passionate about studying the human body and mind. First, in 1998 she studied Shiatsu Therapy in Sydney and after working for 4 years in a busy clinic in rural New South Wales, she studied Japanese style acupuncture in Melbourne. It is gentle, painless and it emphasizes touch and the use of thin needles which are not inserted in the majority of cases.

Myriam also uses Chinese Herbal medicine to complement the symptoms of certain conditions and of chronic disorders.

In certain conditions she recommends Shiatsu massage which is a holistic therapy that works with gentle pressure along the energy channels of the body. Shiatsu therapy is very effective preventing diseases and stimulates circulation, strengthen the body, promote relaxation, alleviate pain and discomfort, and support the body owns balance.

Health fund rebates apply.


  • Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine at SITCM in Sydney
  • 10 weeks internship at Guangzhou Traditional Chinese medicine hospital in China
  • Certificate in Japanese Acupuncture Toyohari and Manaka protocol in Melbourne
  • Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy at Nature Care College in Sydney
  • Swedish massage certificate

To learn more about our acupuncture and shiatsu massage treatments, please visit the website of our renowned practitioner Myriam Celis by clicking here.