Wise words from Osteopath Lachlan on summer footwear

With summer starting up a lot of people ask us, what is the best footwear? sandals

During the colder months people wear closed in shoes, most of which offer some support through the medial arch of the foot. During summer people are more likely to wear thongs, sandals and other open shoes. Usually these open shoes don’t offer much in the way of support for the medial arch. A lot of people need support through the medial arch and this is why they find it tough to wear open shoes and walk around for the day or even short walks.

Some open shoes will have some support for the foot with Birkenstocks being the most well-known brand. If you can find open shoes with support then they should be suitable for most people. Some sandals have enough room for people to put their orthotics in which will also give support. If you don’t have any of these options then you can wear closed in shoes to give you support.

In conclusion some people need support for their feet and therefore need closed in shoes or just have to put up with pain at the end of the day of wearing thongs. If neither of these options appeal to you then call Village Health Clinic on 9452 2292 and make an appointment to see Lachlan. You can also click here to make an online booking. Lachlan can treat and advise you on getting the support your foot needs using the muscles in your feet.

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