What is Myofascia and how Osteopathy Treatment can help you.

I describe Myofascia to my patients as a large table cloth that rests over the top of all the muscles in the body and interweaves between the muscles. It is an interconnected three dimensional web of the musculoskeletal system in the body. Within the fascia lie cells, glands, blood and other vessels, with nerves running to and from all components. It has an important role in the transportation of fluid, lymph and nerve conduction, as well as a medium whereby mechanical forces through the body are transmitted.

Restrictions within these connective pathways can cause pain and reductions in movement. Stressed tissues need to receive effective signaling, receive nutrition, have waste products removed and perform an immune response. This can be achieved through treatments to improve fluidity within the fascia.

Osteopathic treatment often utilizes Myofascial release techniques to restore integrity and communication between the body parts. Examples of conditions that benefit may include;

• Whiplash
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Repetitive Strain Injury
• Post Operative scars
• Post Radiotherapy

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