The value of Stretching by Dr Zeinah Keen

We feel better for doing it, we know we should do more but what are the actual advantages of stretching?
Fundamentally stretching is an integral component to rehabilitation following injury as it improves flexibility to the affected area by lengthening the involved muscle. An improvement in flexibility will allow a joint to move painlessly through its full range of movement as well as improving performance and preventing injury or exacerbating a previous injury. It should also be conducted as part a warm-up to prepare muscular activity and after exercising to prevent muscle soreness and to improve the flexibility of stretching loose warm muscles.
It will also improve circulation to muscles, improve posture, help to relieve stress and enhance co-ordination.
Stretching is not just for athletes, it is valuable for everyone and at any stage of your life, benefiting daily activities of living.
During any stretch, the involved muscles should be warm, stretched slowly and controlled until a point of resistance is felt. Stretches ideally should be performed daily and held for a minimum of 30 sec.
If you would like a stretch programme designed to meet your needs, please make an appointment to see the Osteopaths, Zeinah and Mel (9938 1090). We specialise in treating injuries and rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

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