Paediatric Osteopathy

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to bring your kids (babies included) into clinic for a structural check up with the Osteopath. Children grow at a rapid pace which can place enormous physical and emotional stress for our little darlings. In addition to this, your kids may be playing a sport and using their bodies in a particular range of repetitive movement, carrying a really heavy bag to and from school, spending too much time sitting playing on electronics, be suffering from asthma, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections and glue ear. What conditions can Osteopaths help with?
Common presentations in Osteopathic clinics for children.

• Infantile Colic
• Plagiocephaly
• Feeding/latching on difficulties
• Head traumas associated with instrumental delivery.
• Gait problems
• Scoliosis
• Glue ear
• Asthma
• Constipation
• Bed wetting
• Scheuermann’s disease
• Perthes Disease
• Juvenile Arthritis
• Fractures and post cast treatment.
• Flat feet.
• Growing pains
• Shin splints

At Village Health Clinic, we offer our young patients very competitive concession rates, a relaxing environment and hands full of experience. Call now to make a booking with Zeinah on 9452 2292 or go online to secure your spot.

Zeinah treating a toddler

Zeinah treating a toddler

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