Raising awareness of Depression By Dr Zeinah Keen

October is world mental health month, helping to raise awareness amongst the community of mental health issues and their prevalence. According to ‘Way-ahead foundation’, “half of all Australians (45%) will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime, and those that don’t will most likely know someone that does” (Wayahead, 2016).

Depression is a very common mood disorder and affects how you feel about yourself and makes life more difficult to manage from day to day (Beyond blue 2016). It appears to be a universal human experience and thankfully in today’s modern world, no longer marks us as flawed. We are simply humans that are suffering. It does not just present itself as a low in mood disorder, it shows up in our self-defeating and addictive behaviours, our negative self-talk, the way we perceive ourselves and even in the health of our immune functioning. Depression manifests as our inability to be present for the experience of life, of ‘being’.

What has this got to do with Osteopathy?

One of the Osteopathic principles is good health requires a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The three systems are intertwined and so when one aspect is dysfunctional, the others will be too, at some stage. Osteopathy is a complementary form of health care so can be used in conjunction to medication and psychotherapy. Osteopathy can certainly help with the physical aspect and in many ways the other two aspects. Much of the treatment involves talking to my patient’s and understanding what makes them tick. Osteopathy can help to alleviate physical tension or injuries which can help to get people back to exercise which is evidence based as helping depression. We can also provide cranial/sacral treatment and massage which are anecdotal therapies, but if they make you feel good, then do it. We use essential oils in the clinic which can help lift your mood too.  We can also refer you to other health care professionals such as your GP or a psychologist if this is required. Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners and recognize that your health requires a holistic approach. The more health care professionals are involved in your care, the better the outcome for you.

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