Exercise is key

Spring is here and my gym is packed. There is definitely an air of motivation in my area and I like what I see. Sedentary life styles are not what evolution intended. Sitting at a desk all day followed by an evening on the couch could be asking for trouble in the long term.

Our bodies are designed to move through the musculoskeletal system and exercise is a fantastic way to do just this. It improves our muscle strength and tone so we can conduct the movements we demand. It stretches tight tissues to aid suppleness and prevent stiffness. Regular exercise will also improve circulation, optimizes a healthy internal environment for our organs and provides stamina. It also helps to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. If we do not exercise then problems can arise and we may initially get some niggling aches and pains, which get worse over time.

It does not matter what exercise you do, as long as it is safe, effective, regular and relatively enjoyable. There are many ways to get active no matter how young or old you are.

Please call me if you require further advice about the type of exercise you might be considering taking up, especially if you have an injury or had an injury in the past.

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